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Shabby Chic Family Room Design Ideas

Peyrevent.com – Shabby chic furniture and decor are not only beautiful, but they also maximize the space. For instance, you can go for single seaters and other pieces in gold and natural wood. They’re more appealing and functional than a couch, and the look will be aesthetically pleasing. You can also use a combination of different types of furniture, depending on your style. And if you want to add a cultural touch to the family room, you can add an antique chandelier.

Ways To Achieve The Shabby Chic Look

To achieve this look, consider decorating your family room with pastels and natural light. Pastel colors, like lavender, can make a family room look romantic. Also, don’t forget to include some kid and pet-friendly accessories and furniture. Shabby chic decor can be both elegant and playful, and it’s an excellent way to give your room a relaxed feel. If you’re planning to decorate your family room with shabby chic furniture and decor, remember to choose colors that are friendly to kids and pets.

If you have a family room that blends with the rest of the house, consider a shabby chic look. This room is the perfect place to host holiday gatherings, and its earth tones and retro-style furniture are the ideal backdrops. It also features a weathered-style table, which draws attention to its character. If you want to add an accent piece, go with a classic or modern-styled accent piece, such as a chandelier or a clock.

The furniture in this shabby chic family room include a cozy lounge chair, built-in shelving, a decorative clock and a wicker basket. A white coffee table rests over carpet flooring. And a boho tapestry and a printed rug add even more warmth. You can even decorate a shabby chic family room with a vintage ornate piece of artwork.

Picking a Quick Living Room Color Palette

The shabby chic family room uses the same colour palette as the shabby chic bedroom. While the furniture in the room uses bright and bold colours, the accessories don’t distract from the overall theme. You can also use reclaimed wood in this room. Old trunks, which have been painted white, can be used as a coffee table. Or, if you’d like to incorporate a vintage-looking sofa, turn a sack into a cover for your sofa.

A shabby chic family room should display the passage of time. If you want to incorporate the look of time, try finding furniture from a junk shop or an online auction. People usually give away old furnishings and decor after renovating their homes. And don’t be afraid to use an old mirror on a wall. Some of these frames have hooks built in for storage. So, you won’t have to worry about buying a new one.

You can incorporate vintage and modern elements in a shabby chic family room. You can also incorporate some vintage furniture, like a wrought-iron coffee table. You can also use vintage lamps and drawers in your living room. Make sure to add plenty of flowers to the space. Adding some colorful items in your shabby chic family room can make it look even more inviting. This way, everyone can feel welcome.

How to Make a Shabby Chic Room Look Beautiful

Adding color to your shabby chic family room doesn’t require you to purchase a new sofa or chair. Rather, you can mix and match vintage-inspired items, which will add a charming vintage touch to the room. In addition, you can use hints of color to break up the monotony of white. For the most part, pastel shades are preferred in shabby chic settings. Not only are they calming and refreshing, but they’re also complementary to most interiors.

While shabby-chic furniture can be overwhelming, you can find some ways to bring some color into your family room without sacrificing functionality. Light green is a great choice for a family room, as it gives off a cool impression, while being naturally cheerful and warm. A white-painted fireplace with a wooden candle gives off just enough glow to light up the space. This is a perfect example of a shabby-chic family room!

If you’re new to the shabby-chic style, you’ll want to get your hands on some salvaged furniture. A salvaged pine table, for example, lends a relaxed and vintage vibe to the room. Look for pieces at antique shops and resell stores. Mirrors are another way to display artwork and decorative items. Antique frames can also be found at flea markets and painted in pastel shades or white.


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