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Mid-Century Modern Family Room Ideas

Peyrevent.com – When designing a mid-century modern family room, there are some important things to consider. The overall design should reflect your personality. It shouldn’t look like a scene from Mad Men, or be an exact copy of the style of another era. You should choose a mid-century design style that reflects your lifestyle, so that you can have the look you’re looking for without feeling stuck in time. A tulip cocktail table might not be the best choice for a family room, but a nice focal point can help you achieve this look.

Luxury Style Modern Furniture

While there are numerous styles of modern furniture, you should look for family-friendly pieces. A retro style is a great option for this room, but it’s important to find a style that suits your lifestyle. Bright retro colors can make your family room look fun and inviting. You can also use bright colors to highlight furniture pieces or highlight accessories. Make sure to choose furniture that’s kid and pet-friendly for your mod family room.

If you have children, you’ll need to provide ample storage for their toys and other items. Build-in cabinets or freestanding furniture may be the answer. Children can’t always play with their toys, so make sure your family room has enough space for them to play and use it as a space for games, movies, or other activities. Adding shelves to keep movies and small electronics can help create a unified look throughout your home.

The furniture is made from real hardwood (red oak). It was stained with a Minwax stain called Pickled Oak. You’ll also notice the Ikea cabinets in a glossy white finish. You’ll also notice the white countertops and Zodiaq Dove Gray on the perimeter. The ceiling beam is reclaimed pine paneling from the 1970s. The fridge is a Kitchenaid KRMF706ESS. The area rug in the master bedroom is a piece of Ikea furniture.

Tips for Finding Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms

The homeowners are doctors and had recently relocated to Iowa City. They had a toddler and another on the way. The couple was in search of a mid-century modern family room that was stylish, functional, and comfortable for their young children. Emily conceived the design concept, choosing family-friendly finishes and accents that would blend well with their lifestyle. They trusted Emily to transform the space while they were at work. You can’t beat the result!

Creating a mid-century modern family room with contemporary furniture for children and adults alike is a great way to give your home a fun, playful feel. You’ll find plenty of comfortable seating, including a large leather ottoman for prime movie watching. A chevron-patterned reclaimed wood credenza stores board games. This room also draws its color palette from the brick wall. You’ll also find rich red accents and blue/grey accents. The entire look is anchored in warm wood tones and white accents.

To create a truly mid-century modern family room, you can opt for vintage furniture. Some pieces are still in excellent condition even though they were designed decades ago. Many modern designers still favor pieces from this era, including the iconic Eames lounge chair. These sleek chairs follow the contours of the human body, making them an easy choice for the living room. There’s no shortage of vintage furniture available these days. So, don’t be shy to invest in one of these amazing pieces and create a mid-century modern family room.

Great Way to Decorate a Mid-Century Modern Family Room

Another way to decorate a mid-century modern family room is by choosing accent pieces from the era. These accent pieces can include lamps, vases, and plant stands. Incorporating these pieces into the family room will make it a stylish and comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining. You can also use accessories such as pillows, sconces, and rugs to add to the look. The style of a mid-century modern family room should match its surroundings.

Mid-century modern homes are characterized by white walls, but they can also have grey accent walls. This can help create a more masculine appearance. However, this color scheme must not be the dominant color of the room. In addition, it’s important to note that mid-century modern houses are more masculine in nature, so avoiding feminine colors is crucial. Browns, however, can be used to add warmth to the room.

When choosing the pieces for your mid-century modern family room, it is important to remember that the style can seem overwhelming. Since the pieces are often bright and bold, they could easily overpower a room. To achieve the best effect, you should gradually add these items to your family room. You should avoid rushing into mid-century modern family room design. Instead, slowly build your home’s mid-century modern style until you have the room you’ve always dreamed of.


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