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How to Style a Victorian Bedroom

Peyrevent.com – Decorative wood furnishings with rich carvings and heavy ornamentation are essential to the Victorian bedroom. Adding Rococo style frame mirrors and picture frames to the room will help to emphasize its Victorian undertones.

Popular Colors for Walls and Furniture in Victorian Bedrooms

Add a dresser and nightstands to the room to keep with the Victorian theme. If possible, scour secondhand stores to find antique pieces for these furniture items. Victorians loved to layer fabrics in their homes. Bedspreads were often adorned with elaborate embroidery or detailed pattern. The color palette was rich and dark. Green, shades of blue, brown, burgundy and red were popular hues for walls and furnishings in a Victorian bedroom.

The wood furniture featured carvings. Decorative molding was also a favorite design element that accentuated the Victorian aesthetic. A seating area with a beautiful antique settee flanks the four-poster bed. The drapery features a delicate blue pattern that complements the king bed sheets and pillows. The tray ceiling showcases a crystal chandelier for functional and ambient lighting. White table lamps for task lighting complete the space. Wall-to-wall carpet adds softness and warmth. Decorative picture frames add depth to the room.

Whether you want to emulate the opulent, elegant style of Queen Victoria or simply add a few Victorian elements to your master bedroom, there are many ways to do it. From turning leg furnishings to adding a vignette effect with dried florals and candles, you can create a Victorian bedroom that feels luxurious without being over the top. Light pink walls and a tufted headboard are one easy way to add Victorian flair to your room. Luxe fabrics were also a huge trend in Victorian times, so don’t be afraid to use patterned wallpapers in your bedroom, as long as they’re not too bright.

Characteristics of a Victorian-Style Bedroom

A freestanding wardrobe or dressing screen adds Victorian appeal and is also a practical addition to any bedroom. Or, opt for a built-in wardrobe to turn your bedroom into a true Victorian boudoir. Decorative upholstered headboards are the hallmark of a Victorian bedroom. They add sophistication and work well in a variety of design styles. They also help keep your space warm, as many homes at this time didn’t have central heating and instead relied on blankets to retain warmth.

This bed frame blends modern and Victorian style in an easy-to-use piece of furniture for your bedroom. Its headboard features two shelves that are perfect for a stack of books, a lamp, wireless charging pad and more. This eliminates the need for nightstands, saving valuable floor space. This metal frame matches standard mattress sizes (twin, twin XL, queen, king and California king) and has an ornate look. Its metal construction is sanitary and doesn’t absorb moisture or dust as easily as wooden beds.

Mirrors do more than just serve a practical function in a bedroom, they also act as a beautiful focal point. Whether they are used to open up smaller spaces or to reflect natural light around the room, they can be a key component in any victorian style.

Popular Dark Carved Mahogany Frame

Victorian frames ranged from the dark carved mahogany frames popular in the Chippendale period to lighter designs like the Rococo-style ornate antique mirrors that were often adorned with floral and leaf motifs. Late Georgian and Regency-period antique frames were simpler in design. When choosing a frame shape it’s important to consider the overall weight of the mirror — heavy, sculpted frames work best with bigger, more grand designs.

A chandelier is a staple in many Victorian bedrooms. But don’t be afraid to choose a more modern fixture that’s still romantically styled with gilded finishes and floral designs. Mood lighting is also an essential element of Victorian bedroom decor. Try a decorative lamp with a natural wood base or a glass shade that nods to nature’s beauty.

A fireplace is another must-have feature for Victorian-style bedrooms. But if you don’t have one, add an antique mirror to fill up empty space and evoke the era’s classic romantic aesthetic. Other bedroom decor that can help you achieve the look includes intricate picture frames, gilded candlesticks and filigreed vanity pieces. You can also display a collection of hats or vintage perfume bottles for a more opulent look.


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