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How to Create an Eclectic Bathroom

Peyrevent.com – An eclectic bathroom can include several components from different styles, including a splash of color. The overall look is reminiscent of the old world and is particularly effective with bathroom tiles. Tiles are at the forefront of bathroom design, and there are many colors, shapes, and designs to choose from. If you are unsure of what color scheme to choose, consider using a blue accent color. You can then continue the theme with other blue accents, such as bathroom vanities or fixtures.

Gives an Exaggerated Eclectic Theme

A bathroom that embraces an eclectic theme should not be cluttered and overpowering. A subtle touch is just as effective, as an eclectic bathroom can be both beautiful and functional. To add an organic touch to the bathroom, plant life is an excellent choice. Because they sprout randomly, plants do not need a perfect corner, and they can add a fresh, natural look to any bathroom. A large plant or a wildflower arrangement can make a big impact. Using white walls to accent natural elements will also make them stand out. Remember that an eclectic bathroom is a space to express your personality, so make sure to express it. While choosing your accessories and colors, try to tie the overall idea together.

A classic, classy look is best complemented with a unique combination of materials and styles. A deep soaking tub with brass hardware offers a beautiful view. In a similar manner, a small bathroom with a unique style is characterized by a white framed wall art and oval-shaped mirrors above blue sink vanities. A gray cushioned stool and a chest-side table add a touch of elegance to a space.

While a neutral-colored bathroom is a classic choice for an eclectic bathroom, it doesn’t have to be too busy. The same principles apply to an eclectic bathroom, including mixing different design styles. Try to combine contrasting elements while still balancing modern sophistication with nature. This way, you’ll get the perfect mix of comfort and style. You can even add a splash of color with light blue tiles. When choosing the bathroom colors, make sure to take note of the color of your vanity and countertops.

Tips for Getting the Best Eclectic Bathroom

To achieve the best look in an eclectic bathroom, start by choosing a focal point. A large colorful bathtub, bold vanity, or oversized artwork are excellent choices. For extra counter space, a beautiful floral vase can add flair to the space. Another good idea is to place a shower head on top of the bathtub, and open cabinets should be placed near the tub. The cabinet interior should be painted blue, while the rest of the walls should be white. Keep in mind that your eclectic bathroom design is a personal statement, so do not limit yourself to just one style.

To create a vibrant eclectic bathroom, start with a white tiled floor. Next, place the sink in the right corner and place a curtain to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Paint the upper half of the wall a contrasting color. If you want to have a chain structure on the walls, consider adding a decorative pattern in the center of the room. Using patterned tiles in your bathroom can add a splash of color to your space.

Once you’ve chosen your style and colors, you’re ready to start creating your unique and eye-catching eclectic bathroom. A simple way to achieve this look is to install black tiles around the floor. Next, install a white sink next to a black mirror, and put your toilet system right beside it. Paint the remaining walls white, and wallpaper the ceiling of the room. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling white. This will make the space seem larger, and the eclectic accent will be easier to blend with.

Vintage Eclectic Cuts For Showers

For an eclectic bathroom, you can mix up vintage and modern pieces. For example, a retro-style bathroom could include a contemporary tub and shower combination, a large Japanese-style washtub, or a claw-foot bathtub. You can also mix up the bathroom pieces by incorporating some colorful artwork into the decor. Another great way to incorporate retro design is to add a large European claw-foot tub. The eclectic look can also be achieved by combining white and blue accessories.

An eclectic bathroom can also feature geometric shapes. This style is particularly good for small spaces, but can be a bit more dramatic in larger areas. The bathroom of Lars Gitz Architects features a double-sided fireplace and a river rock bed for the bathtub. While the bathroom’s color scheme is modern, the tile adds visual movement while evoking the shape of a river rock. It’s a striking design.


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