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Mid Century Modern Bathrooms – Adding Visual Interest With Color

Peyrevent.com –┬áThe beauty of this design is in its simplicity. If you’re going for a mid-century modern bathroom lighting is an important piece of decoration that you must keep in mind. Lighting has the ability to completely transform the appearance of a space, and yet you do not want to throw away your mid-century modern bathroom aesthetic with an old-fashioned light fixture. Let’s look at some classic lighting ideas for your new bathroom!

Simplicity in Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Decoration

Mid-century modern bathrooms tend to be bare and without much decoration. You can achieve a very sleek and minimalist look by keeping the main accent wall color white, using just a few pieces of bold or geometric art, including perhaps some recycled tiles or recycled plastic figurines. Alternatively, you can complement the tiles with brightly colored shower curtains, an interesting choice that adds interest to the space, as well as some visual variety. Glass accents on the shower curtain, can also add a nice touch, but avoid too much plastic or metal as it can be somewhat cold.

Wall color is usually neutral, although you might want to use monochromatic paint for the fixtures to avoid overpowering the space. In addition, most mid-century bathrooms are designed with white walls, so it’s best to keep that white neutral with just a few unusual colors here and there. In many bathrooms, you can choose your color palette based on the decor in the room. If that’s the case, then you’ll be less concerned about contrasting colors such as bright orange versus more subdued shades of green or blue. In mid-century modern bathroom designs, however, these colors can be used liberally.

Mid-century bathrooms typically include a countertop on one wall with a geometric, free-standing mirror on the other wall. This is the perfect place for a large, decorative, abstract piece such as a marble or granite sculpture. These kinds of pieces will add visual interest without taking up any floor space, so they’re good for small bathrooms. It’s not unusual to find a geometric accent piece such as a bowl-shaped vase or a uniquely shaped ceramic tile.

Designing a Modern Style Bathroom

One important aspect of designing a mid-century modern style bathroom is to avoid busy, cluttered looks. When the bathroom is cluttered, it tends to look cramped and doesn’t create the relaxing, friendly vibe desired by most homeowners. When you choose neutral colors for the walls and tile, you’ll also find it easy to make the bathroom feel less busy.

A good mid-century modern bathroom vanity unit can pull the room together. As long as the vanity has clean lines and a nice finish, it can make all the difference in the world. If you want a more unique style, consider pairing it with a desk, stand up shower, or a natural stone countertop. By combining bold colors and interesting finishes, you can create a bathroom that feels modern, eclectic, or even futuristic.

Tips for Choosing the Right Modern Bathroom Colors

When choosing colors for your new modern bathroom, remember that neutral colors and earth tones are always a better choice than bold colors. You should also avoid popular colors like red or orange for their warm, stimulating effect. Although bold colors can work well in some cases, they shouldn’t be used in bathrooms where more neutral designs are desired. In these kinds of bathrooms, it’s a better idea to stick with more muted, natural colors. However, if you can go with brightly colored wallpaper or a rug with bright color patterns, it can work well in some spaces.

When using wood in your bathroom design, remember that wood can work wonderfully with many different looks. The key is in finding the right type of wood to match your other decorating choices. It should be easy to stain the wood to create an antique appearance, and the color should complement the textured wood flooring. If you want a unique mid-century modern style, make sure to choose one with rich, deep colors that will work with any color pallet and add visual interest.


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