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Irish Cottage Interior Design Ideas

Peyrevent.com – For a unique, authentic look, consider incorporating some elements from the Irish cottage style into your own home. Stained glass with Celtic patterns will brighten your windows and add a beautiful focal point to any room. While the use of stone and wood is common in Irish interior design, faux-wood is also a great choice. Plants are also an essential element of the Irish cottage style and can be real or faux, but they give your home a country feel.

The Most Iconic Feature of an Irish Cottage

The most iconic feature of an Irish cottage is its thatched roof. The material used for thatching varied according to region, but typically consisted of straws and rushes. In the linen-producing areas, straws were replaced with flax, while in rocky regions, stone or slate was used. Several different types of thatched materials were used, including rushes, marram grass, and heather. You can also add a rustic feel with metal lamps and other antiques to your home.

To create a truly authentic Irish cottage, you must combine masculine and feminine elements. Light-coloured stones are typically used as the foundation, and you can whitewash them to add a rustic look. Floral print curtains and valances are also typical and can be used to cover windows. You can also use Irish lace on the sheer of your curtains. You can even use Irish lace on your curtains for a unique, authentic look.

A classic Irish cottage was built in the 1700s. In fact, the original design of the home was a century-old workman’s cottage in Ireland. The house was so small that Gail Wall Morris, a founding member of the Wall Morris Interior Design firm, couldn’t even live there! As the founder of an interior design firm, Gail Wall Morris has overseen complex projects all over the world. She is an expert in the field of Irish cottage interior design and has won several awards for her work.

The Irish Cottage Interior Design Style

Using materials that are sourced from nature, the Irish cottage interior design style embodies a simple but elegant way of living. Its thatched roof and whitewashed stone walls make it easy to identify the style. The smell of fresh-baked soda bread fills the air and makes the room feel welcoming and inviting. You’ll be glad you made the decision to go with this style. While you’ll be living in a charming Irish cottage, be sure to enjoy the comfort of its simplicity.

Another important element of Irish cottage interior design is the use of wood and stone accents. Authentic stone fireplaces and fireplace surrounds often have a whitewashed finish, which adds to the overall rural feeling. If you don’t have access to real Irish stone, you can buy some faux whitewashed brick wallpaper and use it as an accent. This will add to the authentic look of the house and help you to save money on paint!

The colors used in Irish cottage interior design should have a calming effect. A combination of light blue, and soft yellows are a perfect combination for the room. The cottage style combines simple materials and textures, and it’s based on the colors that are found in nature. Choosing the right colors is key to the look and feel of the room. You can also use a single accent color, such as cream or gold, to give the room depth and continuity. It is important to remember to incorporate floral prints as well.

Making a Multifunctional Kitchen

A kitchen that doubles as a dining area is essential for this style. The table should be large enough to accommodate the whole family. A hutch, if you have one, can be an excellent place to display decorative dishes. You can also display carved wooden plaques and photos of the landscape of Ireland. A wool plaid throw will add some extra color to your walls. To add even more character, you can display some Peterson pipes in their pipe stands and place them on a coffee table, end table, desk, or mantel. And of course, a tobacco jar should be placed on the coffee table.

In the kitchen, opt for ecru or white painted cabinets with a carved wooden banquette. You can also go for a rustic look by utilizing a brick wall. If you have the budget, you can use a faux wood ceiling beam in the master bedroom or kitchen. The dark stain on the beams will add depth and contrast to the overall design. A traditional cottage style isn’t just for the rich, old-fashioned look.


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