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How to Install Interior Door Moulding

Peyrevent.com –┬áThere are several different types of Interior Door Moulding to choose from. While a professional carpenter will use crown moulding on the outside of the door, a do-it-yourselfer can create an elegant doorway with this simple technique. Here are some tips for installation. Before starting the installation process, make sure that you have a proper measuring tape and a pencil. Then, use a hammer and nail gun to attach the trim pieces to the wall.

Tips for Buying Interior Door Molding

Home improvement stores are another great place to buy Interior Door Moulding. Most of these stores carry a large selection of casing supplies. However, they often lack decor experts that can help you meet your design goals. To find the best options for your interior doors and casings, visit a Metrie molding showroom. With showrooms across North America, the company makes it easy for consumers to select interior moldings and doors. Whether you need to replace a door, or install a door trim, Metrie can help.

When choosing interior door moulding, look for a style that matches the rest of the room’s design. Try experimenting with different types of moulding and take home samples so you can see if they work in your home. You can also use the same profiles you currently have but change the materials and color scheme. For instance, you can switch out plain white door casings with solid wood ones. You’ll have a beautiful door that stands out from the rest of your house!


Another option is beaded casing. This is a classic design element. If you want to add more architectural detail to your home, choose bullseye routed rosette style corner blocks. Or you can install colonial style plinth blocks for a more elegant look. Finally, you can choose to use a primed MDF base moulding that cuts like solid wood and can be painted to match your decor.

Popular Styles for Interior Doors

Half bead trim is a popular style for interior doors. It combines beads with round edges to add interest to plain doors. To install this type of trim, cut each piece in half and then glue it to the top of the door. You can also use it on a window. If you are using this type of trim, make sure to measure the door’s jamb from floor to top. A little bit of prep work before installation will go a long way.

Casing is another type of interior door moulding. It is installed around the doorway to hide the wall-jamb intersection. It is important to make sure you choose a style that complements the rest of your home. If you don’t like the look of your casings, you can always replace them with a more expensive material. This is also a great way to hide the gaps in your door frames.

The cost of hardwood door casing varies, with paint grade casing costing as little as $1 per lineal foot. However, if the door is in a humid area, hardwood casings are a great choice. These casings won’t warp or streak when stained and don’t have visible joints. Simple oak casing costs between $1 and $6 per LFT, and exotic hardwoods like teak, ebony, and walnut can be custom-ordered, if you prefer.

Modern Interior Door Trim

Modern interior door trim can have a minimal look and be made from thin molding or without any molding at all. Modern interior door trim can also incorporate details from other areas of the house, including a picture frame, a shiplap, a paneling, or crown moulding. Modern interior doors can also benefit from contemporary interior door trim. If you have a contemporary look, a modern interior door trim can be sleek and minimalist.

Before buying door trim, measure the interior and exterior dimensions of the doors. Remember to consider the width and length of the door jambs. Measure the length from the floor to the top of the door jamb on the inside and add 80 inches for your door’s casing. If you’re buying casings for doors that have multiple layers, you’ll need more than one. A good way to make sure that the trim fits the door is to measure the casing from floor to top of door jamb. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.


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