Guest Post Submission – We accept forex, cryptocurrency, and finance guest posts here. You can send your article to us if you have written it. We’re open whether for new authors or expert ones. As long as you can provide a good content to publish and help our readers with valuable articles, we’re hiring you to become a regular guest poster here.

We occasionally receive article and guest post submissions for the purpose of increasing visitors and building links. You can send us your guest post inquiry at any time, and we will gladly review and publish it for you. What is the benefit of submitting a guest post here? How should it be sent? Why should you visit us? Find the answer in the explanation below.

The Benefit of Guest Posting Submission?

We are confident that you will gain a lot from submitting guest posts. One of them is that you will receive traffic to your site, as well as authority from our site, which may result in a rank increase. However, it will take time for your guest post to produce the best results. Promoting them to social media is a must since it can give the social signal and pass it to your site.

Here are some huge benefits of submitting high-quality guest posts:

  1. Establish Authority. Writing guest post content helps spread your expertise in a specific niche. The bloggers will know that you can be trusted to give information after your guest posts are published from reputable sites. You can increase your authority and credibility by writing about what you know, and the reader will look to you for answers.
  2. Branding. The audience will read and learn about you and your company as a result of the content that was published on such high-authority sites. It’s a great way to promote your company and increase brand awareness.
  3. Google Authorship. Google will learn who you are and what your business is by reading the articles you write for guest posts. With this, it can help your website rank higher in search engine results.
  4. Improve Writing Skills. Writing guest posts will give you more experience in sharing your ideas. It can help you improve your writing skills. When your content is published and receives comments, it may inspire you to write content on other topics.
  5. Increase Traffic. The main goal of guest posts is to get higher traffic. When you do guest posts, you can get backlinks, which is the most important factor in SEO to get a high ranking in search engines. It will assist you in increasing your blog’s audience and traffic.
  6. Build Relationships. Guest posting allows you to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche, as well as links and networks that are essential for promoting and growing your website.

Why Write Guest posts on Our Site?

Doing guest post submission under forex, cryptocurrency, and finance would be hard since there are only several sites that can accept it. The reason for selecting our site is because we have around 50k visitors each month and it would be great where you can receive some traffic from our site. Our site also has good authority as a guest posting site. We are confident that submitting your guest post here will be beneficial. Aside from that, we are currently offering opportunities for beginning and experienced authors to write for us in other niches. Simply look at our conditions to see what we require for guest post submission.

Accepted Topic Categories

Since we are open for guest post submission, here are some coverage categories our site would accept. Make sure you read it properly before sending your content.

  • Finance: Articles about making money tips, passive income, saving money, etc, we’ll happy to publish here.
  • Marketing: We are open to everyone who wants to write for us about content marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, and other forms of marketing.
  • Business & entrepreneurship: Anything you write about business topics such as product developments, brand building, or startups, you can submit it as a guest post here.
  • Technology: If you expert on programming, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and other technical topics, submit your content here.
  • Home Improvement & Decorations: If you have skills in writing about home improvement and decorations topics, interior or exterior designs, and more, come to join us right now.
  • Health & Beauty: We also provide space to whom want to share ideas about health and beauty tips, makeup, skincare, and lifestyle. Just send your high-quality content to our editor.

How Your Guest Post Submission Inquiry?

Preparing your article is a must. For your submission to pass through, then you have to follow our guidelines. After that, mail us through the mail given. Anyway, here is the regulation to mind.

  1. Write for us at least 700+ words article. Make sure you use simple English that’s easy to understand. Furthermore, give us content that has good grammar with fewer spelling errors.
  2. This one is very important. We just want to accept and publish articles that are factual and well researched. And then make sure you send original and fresh content. If you get discovered doing plagiarism or copy-paste, we reject you right away.
  3. We love articles/content which contains the answer to questions or problem-solving. The content delivery should also be in a casual tone or structured but still easy-going to read.
  4. We allow you to give 2 internal links from our site and no more than 2 external links. Importantly, insert trustworthy links that are reliable to your content.
  5. You also need to include clear keyword research in your writing works. This is done to optimize the SEO. Better give keywords with anchor phrases where it can sound naturally flow.
  6. We love content which personalized properly in good formatting by adding components such as headings, subheadings, bullets/numbering, bold or italic, and more. Moreover, if you can put a headline that can reflect your content articles. This would be a value.
  7. Make your content more interesting by adding media such as images, videos, and graphics. Don’t forget to always give citations when you insert the media from other resources to prevent copyright issues.

How to Submit your Articles?

Take care while sending your guest post since we are really strict regarding our regulations. You have to write the article accordingly. Now its time to send your inquiry to our email at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can use the following form below. Make sure to fill the required fields. We’ll contact you through email immediately after your submission is under review.