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Decorating Your Home With Shabby Chic

Peyrevent.com – Take a second look at that shabby chic family room you have been neglecting! Decorating in a vintage ocean-themed style, this shabby chic family room looks ready to party with friends and relatives. Transform this space into a nautical haven by keeping in mind a few key pieces of information:

Choosing Shabby Chic Family Room Fabric Materials

Choose distressed fabrics for your shabby chic family room furniture and accessories. Seagulls, sailboats, and coral reefs all make great accents for this theme. For the headboard and the side table, look for pieces with distressed finishes. You can also select distressed finish cabinets, doors, and other accessories. You may want to purchase a few vintage-looking mirrors to complete the look.

Another way to create a shabby chic family room is to keep the decor very simple. When decorating, select only the minimum number of decorative items. A rocking chair is often one of the focal points in any such room. However, do not select anything too bulky or overpowering, as shabby chic does not require too much detail.

Consider using photographs or paintings as your wall decor. These are among the best shabby chic decorating ideas for photos, paintings, and other large items. If you cannot locate suitable photos or paintings, you can create your own artwork pieces by using the right items and colors. This idea will allow you to create a unique design that fits in well with your home’s general decoration. As such, you may choose to use wallpaper borders or stencils for a personalized touch.

Good Shabby Chic Furniture Tips

Shabby chic furniture can be a great addition to your shabby chic family room. You should ensure that you buy furniture that has been well used. So, look for items that are in good condition. For instance, if you have an old recliner chair that still has its cushions, then it would make a great addition to your shabby chic living room. You can also go for an accent table with a candle and floral designs. Such a table will not only provide you with a beautiful focal point but will also be very useful for your other furnishings.

For shabby chic family room and bedroom decorating ideas, the walls are where you need to be extra selective. As such, you may consider painting one wall in a pale pastel color, preferably in white. Such a wall treatment will lend a feeling of softness and freshness to the entire living room or bedroom. You can then build upon this theme by selecting appropriate curtains and other accessories. Additionally, you may consider placing artworks on this wall, particularly a poster that depicts an old family photo or one that is inspired by your family’s history.

Considering Vintage or Modern

To create a shabby chic living room, you need to select appropriate furnishings. You can either go for antique antiques or modern ones. Additionally, you may consider installing wallpaper with a similar theme on the walls. In fact, this type of wallpaper can also be applied to the ceiling and other surfaces in the home so that everything in the room is made to look classic.

Shabby chic decorating is not only limited to the living room and bedroom. This type of decorating can also be applied to your garden or backyard. However, before you start decorating your home with this style, make sure that you plan everything out in detail so that you do not mess up the harmony of the decorating. If you do not plan properly, you could end up with something that does not suit your family’s personality and your home’s theme. In addition, you have to choose colors that will be harmonious with the rest of your home’s interior.


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