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3 Industrial Interior Design Tips For Your Living Room

Peyrevent.com – Industrial interior design usually mirrors the subdued, classic Victorian style of brown, sepia, black and white. Frequently, metallic elements are utilized that is a nod to the heavy influence of metallic materials and mechanical detail of the industrial age. Bright colors, like red, blue, green and yellow are popular in this design which often gives the room a very energetic sense. Accents such as wrought iron, glass or aluminum are a part of some pieces. The theme of wood effect on the walls and ceilings is often avoided.

Tips for Using Neutral Colors in Industrial Interior Design

A good Industrial interior design tips tip is to use neutral colors like beige, gray and black. This helps create the illusion of a larger space, which helps break up the smallness of the room. Neutral colors create an illusion of space rather than making everything very dark. By keeping the walls painted in neutral colors, you will be able to easily change out the accents and decorative touches with vintage pieces that may have been placed in the attic previously or on archived photos. Keep in mind to keep the building materials from metal pieces and keep all vintage decorating items to vintage items. By doing so, you will not dilute the original vintage feeling.

For a custom home, it is important to get the right look so that you can easily build the room to your specifications. To get the feel of a real industrial building, many industrial interior design tips exist and many of them revolve around using wood effect wall coverings and wood flooring throughout the home. By making use of custom rugs and custom blinds, you will be able to pull the whole room together.

Steampunk is an Industrial Home Decor Style

If you’re interested in an old world look that is reminiscent of days gone by, steampunk may be the perfect option for you. Steampunk is an industrial home decor style that is inspired by Victorian and Edwardian architecture. By using wrought iron appliances, authentic furnishings and lots of wood antiques, you can create the look. In order to complete the look, make sure to use authentic fabrics on your walls like velvet and tapestries to add even more elegance.

If you have always wanted to add some texture to your walls, you can use faux brick. Faux brick is just what it sounds like: an imitation brick that you can find in any hardware store. By using faux brick for your industrial interior design living room, you will be able to bring some color to the room without being overbearing. Make sure to match your faux brick wall coverings with authentic furniture. A wrought iron stool with either a black or green leg would be great.

The Idea of Creating the Right Industrial Lighting Design

When working with an industrial living room, you should have no problem getting enough light to complete the look. One of the best Industrial Design tips you can use is to hang as many ceiling fixtures as you can from the ceiling joists. These ceiling fixtures come in different shapes and sizes, including circular, square and rectangular shapes. The key to creating the right industrial lighting design tips for your living room is to simply hang whatever light fixture you find easiest to hold.

Another one of the great Industrial Design tips for your living room is to use black metal and brick to create a bold geometric pattern. You can start out simple by hanging up a series of simple black metal pendants, then take it up a notch by hanging up one or two large metal wall sconces. Finish off the look by hanging up one more large black metal ceiling fixture. For a fun and unique touch, you can accent the black metalwork with industrial metal art. You can choose the artwork in the form of graffiti or collages. Artistic decals and stencils are also great choices to add a little pizzazz to your walls.

As if you haven’t noticed, steampunk is the latest trend in home decor. If you’re interested in implementing some steampunk elements into your interior design, you should definitely consider hanging up some vintage steam iron decorations. A great place to start looking for vintage iron wall art is at your local flea market. You can even find beautiful antiques at garage sales and thrift stores. For a truly authentic look, try using old fashioned glassware and metal knick-knacks in shades of copper, silver, black or gold.


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