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Tips for Planning a Bohemian Home Decor

Peyrevent.comCreating a Bohemian style home can seem like a great idea, especially when you live in an area where there is a distinct lack of conventional fashion. In an effort to break from the “theme” of their house, many people with Bohemian lifestyles choose to decorate their homes in a style that is not dictated by fashions or trends. Instead, they work with nature and organic materials to create a Bohemian exterior. Living a Bohemian lifestyle means that you are a “free spirit”, a person who is interested in trying out all types of different things. Many Bohemian homeowners have a unique way of decorating their house, and this can be displayed in their choice of art objects, lighting and even landscaping.

Definition of Bohemian Style Decoration

Houses that are decorated in the Bohemian style exhibit a sense of spontaneity and individuality. Most people associate Bohemian living with people who belong to a club, but in actuality, anyone who has a great sense of humor and is interested in finding a way to express themselves is a good candidate for a Bohemian lifestyle. Living in a Bohemian house makes it easy to laugh at yourself and at the world around you. It is a place where you can let go and enjoy the world around you without the demands of conformity.

One aspect of bohemian-style architecture is the use of art objects. Art is considered a form of creativity, and you can see a lot of this art in the exteriors of houses that have a natural look to them. Art objects are used as accessories and as part of the design. A great place to use art objects is the fairy lights that adorn the exterior of many Bohemian houses. fairy lights were originally used to accent trees in the evening and provide light for guests at the house. These days, fairy lights can be incorporated into the design of your exterior, making it a Bohemian play area for the kids.

Use of Natural Materials Characteristic of Bohemian Style

Another important aspect of bohemian style home designs is the use of natural materials. The use of natural materials like organic stones, wood, and colorful plants adds an earthy feeling to the outside of the home. A big plant that dominates an outdoor area of a bohemian-style home would be a very bold statement. On the other hand, a more subtle plant with flowing, multi-colored flowers could be used for accentuating a design element that is usually seen in modern homes, like the driveway or the front door.

The use of colors is also a characteristic of Bohemian architecture. Bright oranges and reds are popular colors to see in Bohemian interiors, although a color like burnt orange or burnt red would probably be too bold for a residential space. If you do want to add a hint of red to the exterior of your home, then you can install some red-colored paint on doors and the walls of a Bohemian space. This is a great way to incorporate a color into the exterior of your house without making it too bold. However, if you want to keep the color tones subtle, then you can choose neutral hues like tan, beige, grey, brown, or black for your interior decorating.

Lighting is another key characteristic of Bohemian style buildings. As mentioned earlier, you will probably want to use as many natural materials as possible in your exterior design, so lighting is a crucial part of the Bohemian look. Many people use fairy lights made of recycled plastic for fairy lights around the exterior of their home. These fairy lights add a playful touch to the Bohemian style of architecture, especially if you place them on the gate of your house or on the walkway outside of your house.

Fireplace Complements Bohemian Style Home Design

To complete the Bohemian style of architecture, you should also use a lot of natural materials on the inside of your home. Natural materials such as wood, ceramic tiles, and even natural grasses add a touch of authenticity to your home. You should also make sure that you are using as many natural fabrics and accessories as you can. For example, you can find a great way to integrate the Bohemian style of architecture by putting up large pictures of mushrooms on the wall. If you have an open fireplace in your Bohemian style home, you should also consider hanging Native American pottery on the walls. The final piece of furniture that you would need in your bohemian-style home would be a great way to incorporate Bohemian elements in your furniture; you should consider purchasing old wood chairs with open designs on the back and rustic benches.

In summary, Bohemian style homes are houses that contain an artistic flair, a DIY attitude, lots of open spaces, and lots of natural elements. You will definitely want to incorporate some of these elements in your own house. You should plan on living off the beaten path as much as possible and being as “green” as possible. By doing so, you will live in a home filled with “poise and panache”.


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