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Planning and Design Ideas For a Small Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Peyrevent.com – The small mid-century modern kitchen is the answer if you are looking for an easy way to update your home. These updated kitchens are fun, stylish and very easy to use. The best part about them is that they don’t have to be very expensive to be functional. They come in many shapes and sizes so you are sure to find one that will fit in with the current decor of your home. If you think that a small mid-century modern kitchen is too small for your needs, then try out these ideas for how you can spruce up your current kitchen without spending a fortune.

Solid Wood Uses For Modern Style Kitchens

It’s important that you keep your new kitchen simple. This means doing away with all the bells and whistles. Instead focus on using solid wood and glass surfaces to show off your new modern style. This will allow you to get away with painting less and maintaining your kitchen more efficiently.

When selecting cabinets for your small mid century modern kitchen, it is important to choose ones that don’t extend all the way to the floor. This will allow you to save space when the kitchen is used for cooking and storage. Remember that you don’t want to buy cabinets with too many shelves. Since this design is small, you don’t want to add unnecessary cabinet space. You can get away with installing more cabinets in the back when there is plenty of wall space left.

There are many great small appliances to use in a small mid-century modern kitchen. The most popular items will include refrigerators with varying capacities, dishwashers, ovens, small refrigerators, built in microwave ovens and some specialty items like bake-ware. If you have the budget, you may want to consider purchasing a gas range instead of an electric one. Gas ranges are usually more affordable than electric ones, plus they don’t use as much electricity. Many modern homes these days have easy access to power, so if you don’t need electricity to cook with you probably won’t need a gas range.

Color Selection Designing a Mid Century Modern Small Kitchen

When designing a small mid-century modern kitchen, try to keep the overall design simple. Choose colors and materials that will blend well together. If your kitchen has a countertop try to select a material that matches it. If your cabinets are in wood go for a dark or a light colored wood. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different materials. You can even use different color paints to compliment the cabinets or the countertops.

The lighting in a small mid-century modern kitchen is going to vary depending on the size and how much natural light you have. Try to install as many natural lighting options as possible. If your kitchen has windows pick out light bulbs that will complement your countertop and cabinets. Also, if you do use window coverings make sure they are large enough to let in enough natural light. If you only have a small window, choose a light bulb that is specifically made for small windows.

Simple Mid Century Modern Kitchen Appliances

The appliances in a small mid-century modern kitchen should be as simple as possible because this was not designed to be an elaborate kitchen. Basically you want to cut corners wherever possible. These include buying used appliances such as can openers instead of brand new ones. They also don’t hurt to splurge and get some good new appliances such as a new toaster or oven. You might want to look at some used appliances at your local thrift store.

Finally, in a small mid-century modern kitchen the flooring will need to be as simple as possible. This can mean no floor covering at all. Or it can mean a very durable laminate or concrete floor that can easily be maintained. You might also want to consider installing tiles over the countertop so that it matches the laminate or concrete flooring.


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