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Popular Types Persian Rugs

Peyrevent.com –┬áThere are several different types of Persian rugs. Tabriz rugs, for example, have a rich variety of designs and are generally made of wool on cotton. Some are also made of silk. Another type of Persian rug is the Yalameh, which is distinguished by its latch-hook design and large medallions in the center. This type of Persian rug is a popular choice for living rooms or bedrooms. Its unique design makes it unique from other types of Persian rugs.

Making Antique Persian Rugs

Antique Persian rugs are often made of wool, cotton, silk, or even camel hair. These materials are then twisted and knotted by hand to create a single thread, or warp and woof. The nomadic tribes who made Persian rugs often incorporated animal and vegetable dyes into the process.

Some antique Persian rugs were made with a palmette border. Palmettes are rows of small horizontal arms that alternate with flowerheads and other motifs. This border design is sometimes referred to as a “Turtle” border. This design is very popular among antique Persian rugs. It can be seen in many types of antique Persian carpets, including antique Serapi rugs and antique Bakhtiyari rugs.

The Baluch tribe in southern Iran produces rugs with traditional patterns. They are small and geometric in design and often depict religious or cultural imagery. Their rugs are generally made of wool, with the border often made from a similar color. These rugs can be brightly coloured, with floral motifs and geometric designs.

Choosing a Quality Persian Carpet

The quality of the wool in Persian rugs is important. The best quality wools are made in Tabriz. The higher the pile, the more luxurious the rug will appear. If you have pets or high traffic areas, a lower pile is preferable. This type of rug is durable, but it will not last as long as a rug made from silk. Whether you choose a high-pile or a low-pile Persian rug is an important decision.

One of the most popular types of Persian rug is the Herati. Although it does not belong to any specific region, the Herati pattern is often used in the different types of Persian rugs. Another popular design is called Mahi. It is a design with a diamond-shaped rosette and a serrated “acanthus leaf” on each side. It is often interpreted as a jumping fish.

Carpet Design Between Traditional and Modern Rugs

The traditional design of the Persian rug is very different from that of modern carpets. Historically, the design of the carpet was influenced by the Safavid Dynasty. In the late nineteenth century, the city became a carpet-weaving center and is considered one of the most beautiful types of Persian rugs. During this period, the designs were influenced by classical and Islamic art. In later centuries, this style of carpet was largely influenced by the “Vase” and “Herati” styles.

Antique Bakshaish carpets, which are woven in the Heriz district of northwest Persia, are another type of Persian rug. These carpets are known for their soft colors and folk-like designs. They are usually coarsely woven and have a pliable feel. The production of antique Bakshaish rugs ended around the First World War. These carpets are distinguished by charming designs that typically include human figures and birds. The colors chosen by the weavers were often earth tones.


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