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Country Cottage Living Room Ideas

Peyrevent.com – When designing a country cottage, think of plump sofas, antiques and warm colours. It is the ideal style for a cozy cosy room! The look will also look wonderful with art and antiques. It is also a great style choice for a smaller living room with low ceilings. Whether you’re decorating your new cottage or adding a new room to your existing home, there are many ways to create a cozy country cottage.

Creating a Friendly and Lively Look

For a country cottage living room, use a mix of florals and traditional patterns. Using fabrics with traditional patterns, like gingham or tartan, is a great way to create a welcoming and lived-in look. Decorative lighting is also helpful to create a country mood. However, the most effective form of lighting is natural light.

When decorating a country cottage home, keep in mind that you should keep the space light and airy. Avoid dark colors, and use mostly white or neutral shades. Obviously, not everyone likes all-white homes, so consider adding pastel accents here and there to add some color. Using pastel hues on accent pieces is another way to incorporate color and create a calming environment.

Another way to achieve a country cottage look is to use antique pieces. These antique pieces add a layer of timelessness to a room. You can even display some old family photos or family heirlooms on the walls. While you’re at it, try to incorporate your favorite pieces of art into the room. You will find that they will fit in perfectly with your country cottage living room ideas. You will be pleased with the finished result.

Great Country Cottage Living Room Ideas

Another great country cottage living room idea is a distressed china cabinet. It is a beautiful way to display your home’s treasures while maintaining a rustic look. You can buy a distressed china cabinet or display hutch to showcase your finest china. They are great accents and will be a focal point in your country cottage living room.

A country cottage living room is an ideal place to display framed photographs and artwork. Adding a vintage antique rug or a vintage wicker table and chair is another great way to get a country cottage feel. Adding a wall hanging in an unusual color combination will also add character to your cottage.

Woven and Ottoman Carpets Add Texture to a Room

The color scheme of country cottage living rooms should reflect the homeowners’ personality. It should be light and inviting. It should have large windows to let in plenty of natural light. A woven rug and an ottoman will add texture to the room and make it cozy. A wooden door, too, adds a touch of warmth.

Another key feature in country cottage living rooms is the light fixtures. The light fixtures should be simple and practical. You don’t want to go with recessed or flush-mount lighting unless they match the overall design of the room. The lighting should resemble old-fashioned fixtures. And don’t forget the candles!


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