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How To Make A French Door – Adding Decorative Panels

Peyrevent.com –┬áThere is nothing quite like the sound of a wood-paneled door, one that has been delicately fashioned with delicate floral patterns, and which is likely to have been specially made to measure. It is therefore natural for one to imagine that such a door would be especially lovely to look at. If you have such a door or are about to buy one, then you should know a little bit about the craft of door making.

Amazing Taste of Interior Design

How to make a French door is a skill that can be taught to the uninitiated, and will make it very easy for someone to open up a door in their house, and show off their stunning interior design sense. The door, in all its glory, consists of two panels, supported by four corner pillars. Each of the four pillars has a lip around it on which hinges are mounted. When opened, the doors slide open, and the panels slide back to close.

There are a number of different ways in which to construct French doors. The simplest, and also the most traditional way, are to make the doors out of two panels, the inner one of which fits neatly into the outer one. This method is good for those who wish to keep costs low, but the quality of the door will be lower than if one were to buy their material separately. In addition, fitting two pieces of panels together using this old-fashioned technique, as well as needing a considerable amount of skill, are labor-intensive. Also, because this is the traditional way of constructing doors, the final result does not come anywhere near as elegant as some of the more modern types.

A much simpler way of how to make a French door, is to make the inner door made from just one panel. The door will of course be much less attractive than the more traditional option, but it will certainly still look nice enough to be a decorative item within the home. If you prefer your door to be rather plain and undemanding, you could also consider buying blank pvc panels and gluing them together yourself (there is a kit available which would save you time and money) or hiring someone to fit it for you (a skilled contractor would be necessary).

How to Make the Best French Door

The other option on the table when it comes to how to make a French door is to buy or construct a door from scratch. These doors, while not always as aesthetically pleasing as the alternative, do offer a certain degree of durability. They are also easier to install, using screws and nailing, and do not require the skills of a professional contractor. If you can work with a little handwork, these doors can also last for several years before requiring any maintenance at all.

When you are faced with the task of how to make a French door, the material you choose can have an impact on the end result. The most popular choice is usually wood. Although it can be difficult to work with, wood does lend itself to a variety of styles. There are also many varieties of hardwood from oak and mahogany to pine and cedar. Some people even stain their wood in order to achieve an antique look, although this can get quite expensive. Other homeowners choose to paint their doors in order to match the style of their interior decorating.

Durable and Cheaper Solid Wood Door

A door made from solid wood, such as oak or mahogany, is often the preferred choice. These panels are cut to fit together and secured with screws. While one panel may cost more than one made from a less expensive wood type, the savings, in the long run, may be worth it. These doors are highly durable and as long as they are well-cared for, they should last for many years.

When learning how to make a French door, there are a few additional options that may help you out. Some people like to add decorative panels to their doors in order to customize them. This can easily be accomplished by purchasing pre-fabricated panels. Other homeowners decide to build their own custom door. The choice is really up to you and what you want your new door to convey.


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