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Three Great Bedroom Design Ideas for White Decorating

Peyrevent.com – Are you looking for a fresh new look for your white bedroom? Start by planning and decorating a bedroom that invites you to relax. A white bedroom can feel elegant, clean and refreshing, just as you want it. Start with a clean, uncluttered room and white bedroom furniture, and then add color through a host of accessories throughout the room. A few bright throw pillows or an interesting patterned floor rug can really help to break the white, neutral room down without overwhelming the room.

How to Make a White Bedroom Nice

A great texture to add to a white bedroom is wall texture. Use soft and smooth textures like cotton or silk for the walls to give the room a three-dimensional feel. Textured wallpaper on the walls is also a great way to add subtle texture without making the room feel busy or heavy. In general, textured wallpaper should be on one wall and plain paint or tones on the other walls. There are some fantastic textures available now, so you will be spoiled for choice.

One of the most effective ways of adding white bedroom style is by adding a focal point in the room. Try to make this the central point of the room, so that the other walls fall into place and the focal point stands out. Here are some great ideas for adding a focal point to your white bedroom:

Wall art – This is a great choice for giving character to the room and bringing a touch of interest. There are a number of different types of white bedroom wall art available, so finding something you like will be very easy. Just remember to choose something you really love. It’s important to make sure the wall art doesn’t conflict with the rest of the room, otherwise it will just look out of place. Here are some ideas:

Tips for Hanging the Diorama in the Bedroom Correctly

Diorama A diorama is a three dimensional portrait. These are often made using photos or small prints. These can really help you focus your attention on a particular feature of a photo. As you can imagine, these can be quite large, so if you have a small white bedroom, you may need to be careful about how you arrange them to avoid too much clutter. If you have a lot of small white bedroom furniture, then it might be a good idea to hang these diorama over the bed to make the bed and the walls look more uniform in size.

Shelving unit As I said previously, the key to decorating ideas for white bedrooms is to keep things as uniform as possible. To achieve this, you’ll need to store items such as clothes, shoes, children’s toys and books at the same place. A good way of doing this is by fitting a shelves unit above your bed. This will allow you to use the same storage space for all your items, keeping your bedroom tidy and making it feel like one big room.

Best White Bedroom Design Schematic Ideas

Colour scheme Once you’ve got your layout sorted out, you’ll need to think about the colour scheme for your bedroom. There are a variety of different shades of white that you can choose from. For bedroom design ideas, consider neutral shades such as taupe, white and black. As with any colour scheme, you don’t have to stick to these shades, but it certainly does help the appearance of the room. Remember, white bedroom decorating ideas should balance the design and architecture of your home.

Accent colors When it comes to colours for your white bedroom, it’s all about creating an interesting effect. If you have a bed that is either white or has a white canopy and / or frame, then it’s a good idea to compliment this with other dark and/or crisp colors. For example, if your bed is white with a crisp white canopy and frame, then you could use a deep rich shade of brown curtains or drapes as a backdrop. A darker brown window treatment, perhaps with leaded trim and a velvety white valance completes this look. Similarly, a white duvet cover with brown or tan highlights and subtle window trim completes a crisp, modern look that helps give a crisp, clean look to the room.


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