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How to Wear Shoes Casual – When you’re in the world of business or working at an office you have to be careful about how you dress up and this can be difficult if you are not aware of how certain shoes can work to your advantage. It’s not as easy to slip into your work shoes with a suit jacket on as it is to put on a pair of sneakers or dress loafers with a pair of slacks. You might have the best-looking outfit but unless it is appropriate for the type of business you are in or the environment you’re in then it just won’t work. Read on to discover how to wear shoes casually with success.

Wearing Professional Footwear According to the Event Attended

If you are in a business meeting you should definitely wear some sort of professional footwear. Whether it is dress shoes, sports shoes, or even some sort of boots you’ll need to ensure that they are comfortable and suitable for the type of environment you are in. For example, if you’re at a conference you don’t necessarily want to be wearing flip flops or sandals with a suit jacket because they will just look silly and even awkward. On the other hand, if you’re presenting in front of a large audience you will want to be more casual and not too stiff.

If you have to wear sneakers or some other cheaper variant you should ensure that they are comfortable. This may mean trying them on in the shop and making sure that they are a good fit. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while at work because you’re trying to impress clients. The same goes for wearing dress shoes in a work environment – make sure they are made from the right materials for the type of surface you are working on.

Fashionable Look of Today’s Shoes

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear trainers or flip flops if you have them at home. However, there are definite lines you shouldn’t go crossing when you are representing your company. You can either choose a more formal shoe, such as a black lace up court shoe which is ideal for more formal environments, or a more casual style such as a pair of tennis shoes. One of these will be perfectly acceptable if you are representing a smaller local business.

When you are out on the town it’s totally acceptable to wear a more fashionable pair of shoes. If you have a few designer labels items you will be looked upon positively. But if you’re representing an unknown fashion house you’re going to get an adverse reaction. Even if the pieces are totally high end you should stick to a pair that is suitable for the type of premises you are representing.

Considering Choosing the Right Shoes for Work

For the ladies there are several different styles of sandals to choose from. They range from very basic designs, right through to very elegant and luxurious. You will find some brands that offer leather shoes and others that only offer synthetic leathers. Which of these you decide to go for is really down to personal taste and what you think looks best. If you’re particularly tall and thin then you could benefit from a pair of stilettos whilst for those who are petite perhaps flat shoes are more appropriate.

No matter what your size, or whether you are a boy or girl, if you are going to be wearing shoes at work you need to consider what the majority of people who see you are going to do. Some people will look at your outfit and instantly think it is suitable for work wear and will automatically assume you are wearing shoes to work. Whereas other people who are not looking at your outfit will ask what type of shoes you are wearing and will then make their own judgment. A lot of people will notice other people’s shoes and make a note of them. And when they do notice you they might just ask you where you got them.

It can be easy to purchase shoes that you’re not going to look smart in. You might want to wear a fairly plain shoe for a presentation at work, but if people ask you where you got them you might feel silly. The key with shoes is to wear something that is appropriate to the occasion and that you feel comfortable in. Although you may feel a bit odd at first making this kind of effort, you will soon get used to it.


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