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Traditional Living Room Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Peyrevent.comCombination of the small traditional living room furniture with different styling, with large proportions and right angles will definitely have a good appearance. The large living room can be brought low down to a small sitting area with the assistance of two similar small sofas. It really is all about the placement of small traditional sofas and other furniture in the right proportions to make a beautiful effect on your home.

Shabby Chic Style Living Room Ideas

The first idea is to make use of shabby-chic style furniture with small wooden beds and then cover it with cotton or linen fabrics. These fabrics will give a very old-world charm to your home. A classic shabby-chic style living room idea is to cover the wooden bed with old card stocks, add some old lace curtains and then hang colorful decorative pillows from it. White walls with cream or linen rug will complete the look of shabby-chic style.

The second small traditional living room idea is to make use of vertical slat wall furniture. These pieces of furniture have slats that have flat-grained surfaces. These pieces of furniture are designed for two people and you can find such pieces in various colors such as light brown, wine red, cream, and beige among others. You will love the combination of light color and white tones coming through the vertical grained surface.

The third small traditional living room idea is to buy a small formal living room set. Such an item will not only add to the beauty of your room but also provide a perfect focal point to other furniture. A small formal living room set is a great option for people who have little space. The set will include a couch, coffee table, 2 end tables, a side table, and a brass or wrought iron fireplace.

Traditional Living Room with Modern Art

Another great small traditional living room idea is to hang modern art in your living space. Modern art adds an extra touch of chicness to your traditional living room. Art can be placed on your walls or on the floors. There are many artists who specialize in prints who would be more than willing to design a custom-made print for you.

Paint is another small style living room idea. If you are not into painting but would rather accentuate your colors in your walls, you can go in for taupe or white walls. This idea will give your space a classic, sophisticated look. Taupe and white walls are perfect colors for drawing attention to your furniture. You could also choose a color that has some sort of pattern printed on it such as, flecks of metal or leaf patterns. The key is to make sure that it goes with your other furnishings.

Hanging Victorian Celebrity Posters on the Wall

For a small shabby-chic style living room idea, you could hang some Victorian posters on the walls. Some of the most famous Victorian posters are from Edwardian times. You can find these posters in antique stores as well as on online auction sites. You may also opt to use posters that have prints of celebrities such as Coco Chanel, Bob Marley, or Elvis Presley.

You could even use small living room ideas to decorate small rooms that are shared by children. For example, instead of using drugs, you could use prints of cartoon characters. Small living room ideas can be implemented if you do not have much space.

The Combination of Midcentury Modern Design and Shabby Chic

Another small traditional living room design idea is to use midcentury modern furniture. Midcentury modern furniture has a unique style that blends with the designs of shabby chic homes. The furniture used in midcentury modern homes is often geometric and simple. They usually use metal on the chairs, tables, and dressers. If you want to create a small living room, then you can also consider using midcentury modern furniture.

As a small traditional living room midcentury design idea, you can use white formal living room furniture. White chairs are very common accessories for this type of decor. Their simplicity makes them perfect to use in small spaces. Another option you have is a black and white formal chair that matches your sofa. If you want to create a formal living room, then you should go for black furniture pieces.

Midcentury living room design ideas do not need to be limited to shabby chic decorating styles. You can use other classic decorating styles for your small living room design ideas. There are so many different styles that you can choose from – such as shabby, casual, formal and so forth. All you need to do is explore what you have to choose from so you can create the perfect small living room for yourself.


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