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How To Decorate Your Kitchen In Shabby Chic Style

Peyrevent.com – A few years ago shabby chic was first introduced in the United States and quickly became extremely popular. Now many people want their own shabby chic kitchen design. Shabby chic has many variations, but essentially it is any type of design that is full of worn, well-loved, and distressed furniture and fixtures, often in dark or neutral hues. Distressed and aged wood is very much in style, and so are many different fabrics, like velvet. There are several things that you should keep in mind if you are thinking about designing your own shabby chic kitchen or updating an existing one.

The Key to Creating a Shabby Chic Kitchen

The distressed wood is key to creating a shabby chic kitchen, however you need to choose wisely when choosing your distressed woods and styles. distressed wood is best used on cabinets and shelves, because the effect is very rustic. Distressed furniture and cabinets come in many shades of gray, browns, and greens. Oak and pine are also excellent choices for wood distressed to achieve a country feeling. Furniture that is old and worn, but not damaged is perfect for this decorating style.

Another key aspect of shabby chic kitchen cabinets and hardware is the use of shelves. There are several types of wood to use for your shelves, including oak, pine, and white-washed white wood. These finishes impart a nice rustic natural feel to your wood shelves, and they are also very durable. Many wood finishes are also used for the hardware in these kitchens – nickel, gold, silver, brass, and others.

Tricks to Create a Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

Once you have your wood chosen, you can start adding the other elements to your shabby chic kitchen design. The windows are where you can really make your design come to life. Try to find some vintage-style windows that match the colors of your woodwork and cabinets. In the same vein, choose light window treatments that complement the shades of wood that you have chosen. Accent your shabby chic kitchen with cutouts and decorative pillows in various shades of brown and black. You can also add photos of plants or other accessories to your windows to give your room a natural look.

To complete your shabby chic kitchen, you should choose matching knobs and handles for your cabinets and drawers. You can find so many knobs and handles in various shabby chic patterns and colors. Try to find ones that match the shades of wood that you have chosen, and that will compliment your kitchen’s theme. This gives your room a very warm and inviting feel.

Choosing a Color Scheme for a Shabby Chic Kitchen

You should also pick out a paint that is in the same shabby chic kitchen color scheme as your cabinet knobs and handles. You want to complement the cabinet color scheme, not clash with it. If you use white paint on your cabinet doors and then paint your countertop a dark shade of brown, the two would clash. So pick a paint in the same shade as the cabinets, and use the right hardware to accent your unique cabinet accent. A light sand color on your walls will also help to give your room an overall dark and distressed look.

The last thing you should add to your shabby chic kitchen is a rustic accent wall clock. If you’re lucky enough to have a wall that is already painted in a woody color, then great. Otherwise, you will need to buy a new one to really tie the theme together.

The final touch to your shabby chic kitchen is a few bottles of wine, a pack of baking soda, and a bunch of little glass jars with rose petals in them. Start by painting the kitchen with a light pink or beige, then add in different shades of powder blue until you have the desired effect. Once you have your walls and countertops covered, you can put up some shelves to store everything. For an authentic shabby chic kitchen, don’t forget to get some wine bottles and a couple of glass jars to go along with it. And finally, arrange some baskets on your counter so that your food can sit on display.


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