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Ultra Modern Bathroom Designs

Peyrevent.com – Contemporary design embraces sleek shapes, natural materials and a spacious ambiance. These ultra-modern bathroom designs showcase this style at its best.

Creating a Modern Aesthetic and Even Mixing Wood Elements

Geometry also plays a major role in modern bathroom ideas. Circles and ovals, like those seen on the mirror, circular tub and cylindrical pedestal sink in this primary bathroom designed by Ishka Designs, add interest to the space. Sleek tiles are a staple in ultra modern bathrooms. You can use different patterns to create a modern aesthetic and even mix in wood elements for a warm and inviting feel. For example, this bathroom by Ishka Designs uses smoked colored tile and dark brown wood for an ultra luxe look.

You can also opt for a more neutral look with clean lines and an upscale material. White marble tiling is a classic that looks fresh and sophisticated. You can also try out marble hex tiles for a more detailed and interesting look that will add more texture to your walls. While pattern is usually a no-go for modern bathrooms, you can use herringbone tiles to introduce a modern geometric element. This straight herringbone tile design delivers the chic minimalist look you need to elevate your bathroom. It pairs well with a porcelain tub and wooden accessories. It’s also easy to maintain since it doesn’t require grout.

Whether you want to go with the contemporary flow of shiny silver hexagon tiles or the more industrial look of herringbone steel porcelain mosaic tile, metallic bathroom ideas are an eye-catching way to bring some modern luxury into your home. Even modest touches can make a huge impact, such as the bronze bathroom mirror frame or brass shower kit in this design shared by Fir Italia. This bathroom layout is a cool and unusual one, where the bathtub and walk-in shower are combined together. The wet and dry floors are separated by a glass wall. The concrete floor and wood vanity add a rustic vibe to the space, while framed black windows add a more modern feel.

The Modern Design Style that is the Characteristic of the Bathroom

Double vanity basin units are a popular modern bathroom idea to increase storage and help keep surfaces clutter-free. This style is available in a variety of designs to suit any aesthetic, from sleek grey gloss to beautiful natural wood finishes. The bathroom in your home needs to be functional, but it also needs to reflect the style of the rest of your home. Modern design makes this possible with dynamic, modular concepts that are designed to be configurable and customizable for your home.

For example, the wall-mounted basins in this modern bathroom design aren’t just gorgeous – they help to free up space on the floor. They also offer a wide range of shapes and styles so that you can create a beautiful, harmonizing look. Enclosed storage is a must for any modern bathroom and there are plenty of options available. From DIY with a curtain to hide a gap between sink and floor, to custom cabinetry with built-in drawers, there’s a solution for every budget. Enclosed storage also helps to keep the room looking clean and clutter-free.

Amazing Design Features in Bathrooms That Can Benefit from

Modern bathroom color schemes don’t have to be stark white. In fact, bold hues can be a wonderful design feature in bathrooms that can benefit from a little extra visual impact and personality. Yellow is a very popular shade to use in modern bathrooms, particularly if you want to create a bright and cheerful space. It can also add a sense of energy and warmth that will help get you ready for the day ahead, as shown in this walk-in shower by Ishka Designs (opens in new tab).

Darker shades can also be very on-trend, especially earth tones that are popular across the home right now. Soft sage greens, navy blues and even terracotta hues work well in bathrooms, as they provide a cozy feel that can be the perfect backdrop for a long soak in the tub. Ground these darker schemes with warm details like wood flooring or even a natural-toned rug to prevent them from feeling too stark and clinical.


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