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Decorating Ideas For a Kids Room

Peyrevent.com –¬†Children need a cozy space to sleep, play and study. Use a neutral color scheme with soft fabrics for bedding, rugs and pillows that can grow with them throughout the years.

A Fun Wall Can Give a Room a Creative Touch

Kids go through lots of interests and passions. Embracing those interests with a framed poster, bespoke shelving or a fun wall can give their room a creative flair. Natural lighting is important in any space, but it’s especially crucial in kids rooms. This ensures that your children can move around safely. No one wants to have to dodge lego blocks or a falling toy car.

Layering with lighting styles is also important in kids rooms. This means having general ambient light, task lights for reading and other activities and then accent lighting. The lighting you choose should fit in with the theme you’re creating and add to it rather than detract from it. Kids are prone to accidents so it’s important to use shatterproof lighting. This can include things like LED strips, shatterproof table lamps and light projectors that are housed in plastic.

This can help prevent any accidents caused by broken glass or pottery. It’s also helpful to have a night light in the room as many kids have fear of the dark. Night lights can be something as simple as a glow-in-the-dark star or more sophisticated like a color constellation projector.

A Decoration Opportunity to Create and Inspire

Wall art in a kids room is a chance to get creative and inspire. Whether it’s a funky framed clock or a colorful growth chart, display your little one’s milestones on the wall to encourage them to stay motivated. These fun pieces also make for eye-catching kid’s room decorations. A map of the world or an out-of-this-world tapestry can inspire kids with a love for adventure. If you want something that’s both decorative and educational, try a ROYGBIV tapestry that highlights all the planets.

Another great idea is to hang a rope grid on the wall for stuffed toys. This not only keeps the room looking tidy, it also helps teach your child that every toy has its place. It’s also a great way to decorate with no paint or furniture! Simple furniture also works well in a kid’s room because it will easily adapt to any future themes they may want to use.

This is much better than having a themed bed or polka-dotted wallpaper that will be outgrown in a few years. Unlike wallpaper, wall decals can be removed and moved many times without any unsightly marks. Choose from a range of removable fabric wall stickers designed for kids rooms that are printed using water-based inks and minimal VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) to ensure they are safe for your children and your home.

Decorating Children’s Room with Fun Imagination

Capture the imagination of your little one with kids room wall decals that are fun and easy to apply. Create a forest theme with this tree decal kit for the little toucan in your life or turn any wall into a starry night sky with these gold constellations. Whether they are a future astronaut blasting off into space, an explorer on a safari or a twirling ballerina practicing for the big stage, these wall art kids decals will help them dream and explore their infinite imagination. Suitable for nurseries and kids through to teenage bedrooms. Choose from themes such as animals, fairy tales, space, sports and pirates. Kids bring a lot of stuff, and it can quickly fill up a room. To keep things in order, use smart storage solutions like hooks on walls, wall-hugging book rails and under-the-bed storage crates.

Shelved toy storage looks stylish when it’s outfitted with a variety of colorful plastic bins. This clever solution allows kids to keep favorite toys and books easily at hand. In a playroom, school-style lockers lend any space a whimsical touch and are the perfect spot to tuck away stuffed animals and board games. Or, give a basic cubby set a makeover with labeled add-ons to keep things organized (such as one shelf for books and another for toys).

For an uncluttered look in a small bedroom, remove fitted wardrobe doors and use shelves to display oversized books. A coordinating crate is the ideal bedside table for nighttime reading and can also hold knick-knacks and plush toys that might otherwise be scattered on the floor.


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