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How to Design a Modern House Bathroom

Peyrevent.com – If you like modern design, try incorporating elements that nod to the ’50s. Here, wood vanity and tessellating tiles spin this bathroom towards Cali Cool.

A Classic Choice for Modern Bathrooms

Marble is a classic choice for modern bathrooms, but it doesn’t have to be monochromatic. Here, a wood-slat vanity and black sanitary ware lend a sleek look to this contemporary space. Less is usually more when it comes to bathroom design. Minimalist bathrooms typically feature clean counters, few decorative tchotchkes, and a sleek aesthetic. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!

Adding a rustic touch is an easy way to bring personality and warmth to modern minimalist bathroom designs. Fashioned from reclaimed wood, this bathroom vanity adds textural interest to a room otherwise dominated by smooth surfaces and clean lines. Minimalist bathrooms can still feature decorative accents, like framed art and planters, as long as they don’t look cluttered or overdone. Using the right storage solutions can help keep things tidy and organized without adding visual clutter to your space.

To maintain a minimalist bathroom, you should also use simple lighting to brighten your space. Pendant lights, wall sconces, and recessed lighting are all good options for adding subtle lighting to your space. For an extra luxurious touch, choose fixtures with a matte black finish that adds eye-catching contrast to your space. While you want a clean look, modern bathrooms can still have some classic design features. For example, cork may seem unexpected in a bathroom, but it brings warmth and cushioning while serving as a natural moisture-control mechanism. Cork can also complement the geometric shapes found in the room’s other elements, such as this powder blue zellige tile and sleek black glass enclosure.

The Easiest Way to Add Luxury to a Modern Bathroom

A linear approach to installation and details is another hallmark of modern bathroom designs. For example, in this bath, the dark marble counter and mirror detail is carried over to the water closet to unify the room’s aesthetic. Metallic finishes are one of the easiest ways to add luxury to a modern bathroom. From a shimmering silver hexagon tile to a luxe herringbone steel porcelain mosaic, introducing a modest touch of metal is a simple way to elevate your space.

While cool tones like greys, whites and blacks can be great for modern bathrooms, a pop of colour is also an on-trend option. Add a bold splash of color with a paint color or even an accent wall to make a bathroom feel truly modern. Adding wood accents to a modern bathroom is another way to add texture and warmth. Here a wood freestanding bath is teamed with sleek sanitary ware to create a beautiful, simple scheme.

A modern wet room is a space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms. By dispensing with the bath, more floor area can be dedicated to a walk-in shower. The modern-style layout also helps to create a more open and spacious feeling in the room. If a wet room isn’t practical for your space, you can still bring a modern feel to the space with a stylish shower screen. Look for framed glass separation units that allow light to flow through to the toilet area and coordinate with your wall colours.

Main Considerations for Designing a Modern Home Bathroom

Storage is a key consideration when designing your Modern House Bathroom – especially for small spaces. Luckily there are a host of clever options to help you get organized and stay clean. For a sleek option consider a built-in shelving unit tucked into the space above your toilet. This is a great way to take advantage of an untapped vertical area, and allows you to include closed storage for towels and linens, open storage for pretty things like decorative baskets, or a mix of both.

Another easy option is to add a freestanding wall-mounted shelf ladder to your room. Not only is it practical and on trend but it also provides a place to display pretty items, like woven baskets, prints and house plants. If you’d prefer to keep a bit more privacy opt for a narrow shelf with a glass front instead. This will allow you to show off eye-catching bottles of skincare and bathtime treats without hiding them away behind a cabinet door. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.


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