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Decorating Boho Bohemian Style

Peyrevent.com – The bohemian style is a laid back approach to interior design that embraces natural elements. Wood is key in a bohemian room as well as ornate textures like wicker.

Bohemian Boho Style Decorating Tricks

The trick is to find vintage pieces or second-hand items that tell a story and feel unique. This way, you can create a truly personal space that feels like your own. Lighting is a key component of decorating boho bohemian style. It can transform a room’s look and feel with soothing rounded shapes, natural textures, earthy neutrals, and warm colors.

Adding a tassel to a bare bulb pendant is a quick and easy way to transform it into a boho decor piece. Glue a few neutral tassels on top of the bulb cage for an instant upgrade that blends seamlessly into your space.

Brass lanterns and perforated metal fixtures are also a great boho-chic choice, showcasing traditional Moroccan and Mid-East designs. Other options are made of natural materials, such as rattan or bamboo, paying homage to tropical vacation spots. If you’re decorating a bohemian bedroom, throw pillows and blankets are an essential part of the look. These soft furnishings are perfect for laying on your bed, but they also work well on sofas and chairs in the living room (via The Spruce).

A Relaxed Eclectic Aesthetic Contrary to Modern Design

Bohemian style is a relaxed, eclectic aesthetic that contradicts modern design by incorporating patterns and colors from different parts of the world. This style is a great way to bring personality into your home and create a space that’s uniquely yours. One of the most classic textures in bohemian decor is rattan. This natural material is often used for furniture and wicker baskets for storing extra throw pillows and blankets, and it’s also great for adding a natural element to your living room floor.

Plants bring a laid-back look to any room and also create a jungle vibe that complements the natural materials used in Boho-style decor. They add color and texture to a space, and they can be placed anywhere – on the floor or furniture, on shelves, on window sills, and in decorative planters. Cactus plants, palms, snake plants, and leafy plants are all great additions to any room in Boho-style decorating. These plants will give you that jungly feel and they’re super easy to care for.

Aloe Vera plants are another great choice for a Boho home. They thrive in a variety of light conditions and require very little watering. They can grow in a terracotta or basket cover pot, and they look adorable next to wicker or rattan furniture in any room of the house. Bohemian chic is one of the most loved styles of interior design. It’s a maximalist ideal that’s often inspired by travel.

Tiles are the Perfect Way to Incorporate Elements into a Home

It’s a curated style where you can show off your favorite souvenirs from around the world or display unique art pieces. Tiles are a perfect way to incorporate these elements into your home. For this style, colors are an important element. You can incorporate greens, browns and metallics to create a lively atmosphere.

You can also go for a neutral color to bring balance to the space. For example, a purple or vivid blue might be used to accent the colorful furnishings and plants. Decorating boho bohemian style is all about layering a variety of elements and accents that add to the overall look. This can include patterned rugs, eclectic decor pieces, mismatched furniture and more.

Another key component of this decor style is a mixture of natural materials like wood, which adds warmth and comfort. Similarly, it embraces artisanal products that are one of a kind masterpieces. Although boho style thrives on layering, eccentric decor pieces and cluttered furniture, these elements can make your living space a mess to clean up over time. That’s why we recommend limiting the amount of clutter you put in your bohemian home.


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