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Trippy Room Decor Ideas

Peyrevent.com – When you are decorating your home, you will be able to find many different trippy room decor ideas. These include Lava lamps, psychedelic bedding, Blacklight posters and string lights.

Have a Trippy Poster for an Impressive Room

Psychedelic and hippie posters were all the rage during the 60s. Taking a spin around a mall novelty store and you are bound to be able to find some. For instance, you are likely to see some psychedelic black light posters for sale. Blacklight parties are on the rise, as well. You could even pick up a trippy blacklight poster for your office or home. Having a trippy poster on hand is a good way to impress your peers.

There are several companies that produce the aforementioned flocked wonder. Some companies have been producing them for more than a decade. These days, you can find a trippy poster for sale from the likes of Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. One of the best parts about these specialized posters is that they are custom tailored to suit your taste and budget.

If you want to bring the fun into decorating your bedroom, you can add string lights. These are simple and inexpensive ways to spruce up any wall. You can use white lights for a festive and fun bedroom or a colorful set of LED lights for a more elegant look. You can hang string lights in various ways. You can place them in the corner of the room, on the top of a bed, or along the edge of the wall. There are also different covers and shapes that you can choose from. A classic staple of the trippy aesthetic are LED light strips. You can find them in many colors and patterns to suit your room’s color palette. Some companies even offer solar-powered string lights.

Creating a Warm Atmosphere Without Disturbing Sleep

Another option is to hang string lights in one particular corner. This creates a warm ambiance without compromising your sleep. However, you must make sure that the lights are evenly spaced and that they are attached to wires. If you’re a fan of psychedelic art and want to incorporate it into your home, there are several ways to do so. These include incorporating funky patterns on your furniture, lighting effects, and decor accents.

Psychedelic accents in trippy room decor can be as simple as a tie-dyed sheet for a canopy above your bed, or as elaborate as a large tapestry. Using these techniques will create a striking focal point that will complement your existing decor. Psychedelic room decor is inspired by the flower-power movement of the 1960s. This movement, which is associated with a bohemian aesthetic, is centered on vivid colors, optical illusions, and groovy topographies.

To create a trippy room, you’ll want to incorporate vibrant lighting. Consider placing black light bulbs or glowing art galleries in dark areas of your home. You can also use psychedelic wallpaper patterns in your walls. One of the best ways to give your bedroom a trippy vibe is to use psychedelic bedding. Not only will it brighten up your space, it will also add a hint of kooky style to your room.

Opt for More Esoteric Trippy Furniture

There are a lot of different psychedelic elements to choose from. You could opt for the classic trippy room decor such as lava lamps, patterned rugs, and mosaic tables. Or you could opt for more esoteric trippy furniture such as peacock feather bean bags and record stands. You can even achieve a hazy effect with the right lighting. Although it is impossible to duplicate the psychedelic effects of the sun, the right lighting can do wonders.

Besides trippy room decor, you can use colorful wall artwork to achieve the trippy look. A trippy wall collage is an inexpensive alternative to painting your walls. Unlike traditional wall art, you can place a trippy wall collage anywhere you wish. A lava lamp is a simple, yet impressive light that can make your home or party space pop with color and whimsy. Known for its fusions of wax and liquid, lava lamps can be found in a variety of colors, designs, and styles.

Lava lamps are known for their rainbow hues and oddly colored glow from moving molten wax. They are a perfect way to add color to your space, as well as to give a gift to family and friends. Some of the more popular colors for a lava lamp are red, yellow, orange, blue, violet, and purple. These shades are usually matched to a decorative color scheme. Others may feature special designs, like glitter or free-floating objects. The average lava lamp stands about 12 inches tall. There are also larger models that can reach up to 2 feet in height. You can find them in a wide range of prices, ranging from $15 to $150.


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